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Interview with Dr. Cameron - Combining primary care with Lyme disease


have been blessed to combine my primary care practice with my work with Lyme disease. I enjoy the balancing act of seeing patients with such diverse conditions as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, heart disease, migraines, depression, and prostate issues, as well as those with acute and chronic Lyme disease.

I included Lyme disease in my practice in 1988 after caring for my first three patients with chronic Lyme disease. It was also around this time that Alan Steere, M.D. [the Yale rheumatologist who first reported on Lyme disease in 1975], published a report on neurologic Lyme disease in the November 1990 New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Steere described neurologic disease symptoms including fatigue, poor memory and concentration, sleep disturbance, and irritability. I had also been seeing patients with neurologic Lyme disease in my practice.

At that time I didn't have an understanding of the epidemic nature of chronic Lyme disease. In fact, it wasn't until the Spring of 1992, when I completed my first follow-up study, that I understood how widespread this illness was becoming, and how many people with Lyme disease developed persistent and recurrent symptoms.

One of the most disturbing things about those early years was that you could tell we were confronting a disease that would affect vast numbers of people, yet physicians were behaving as if nothing was happening. I was alarmed at the lack of caring I saw. Something that's very heartening to see is that a growing number of professionals who been involved with Lyme disease since the late 1980's have formed an International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). I stay involved because I know so many people who are chronically sick."

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